THOA is going to be a grand celebration of art under various concepts. A gathering where the participants to the visitors will enjoy an experience of colors by getting involved in different ways. A few of the concepts of many are :

Art stalls, sculpures, 3d morden art

The exhibition will be displaying all forms of art by artists and galleries from across India. Paintings, sculptures, and architectural designs will be capturing visitors’ attraction. The classic collection of work done by our talented artists on various subjects, in various forms will be the talk of the day.

Live performance

Various forms of live performance will be another source of attraction for the audience. Concepts like painting by a robot, small emerging doing wonderful paintings like adults, Live shows of how digital painting is done, performance by specially-abled artists, and fashion walk displaying relation between art and fabric is not new. Activities like Mash up with colors, Fluid art, and Everyone’s contribution will make the experience of visitors and performers unforgettable.

Indian origin

Art is the origin of all emotion. India has the oldest history of art. There are families who have kept some traditional forms of art still alive. The Haat of Art is providing a platform for such groups/families to showcase contributions to India’s history of art and it will create a great learning experience to preserve such talents. some examples like Sreenath ji, Madhubani, Kalighat Painting, and Phad painting.Miniature Painting, Gond Painting, Kerala Murals, Patachitra painting etc.

Paint my stuff

The corner will be full of energy. Here the visitors will get change to get a painting done on any of its product. Our artist will create a live creativity for them which they will love to carry with them as a memory of the event.


Graffiti is what is done on walls or big structures in a very creative way. The main motto of graffiti is to give some message. The scenario view of the whole venue will create a communicating experience with the visitors.

Hand Made Colors , Papers

Hand made papers and colors have lots of demand in market whereas the people / family emerge in this job find is a lose making business. We at the exhibition will promote the integrated culture of our country  by  promoting hand made colors and papers and help them to connect to more and more aritists and galleries. 


There will be number of activities and workshop ongoing along with the exhibition. Visitors and children will love to spend time and enjoy this festival of color by not just viewing buy also involving in something.

Object For Home

A section in the show where number of painting based objects created by our artists will be placed for those who wish to buy something for their home other than frames. Boosted with creativity will be attracting interior designers to select objects that they they have never seen before. 

Legendary Artist

Artists are always legendary but they loose their apprearance in market with time. THOA will be inviting and felicitating these artists who have been inspiration to many of us at times and will showcase their art work under The Haat of Art Gallery

House Of Emerge

There are many artists who bring in lots of creativity in their art form. Ideas out of the box will be hunted from every corner of the country and will create another attraction for visitors.

Art for every wall

Hand-picked paintings from the exhibitors accumulated to create an affordable collection of paintings for the visitors. There will be a reason for every visitor to pick something before living the show.

Emerging Artists

Talented little hands will be another attraction of the event. Highlighting such emerging talents and giving them platform will help them in not giving up art career when they grow up.

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